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Visa and Official Invitations

Visa requirements for travelling to Russia differ from country to country. We encourage our international colleagues to contact Russian consulates in their countries of residence as soon as possible and inform us about the required documents, so that we can assist in the most efficient way!

Even though, most of you will only need the invitation from the Ural Federal University, some might require the special type of invitation to be prepared with the help of the Department of the Federal Migration Service. In order to simplify the procedure, please, send the following information/documents to e.v.alesenko(at) (Elena Alesenko) and icmf14(at)

  1. Scan of your Passport
  2. Place of birth (country, region/state/province, city/town)
  3. Country and city of residence
  4. City and country where you are going to apply for the Visa
  5. Affiliation (position, full name and address), for unemployed – home address.
  6. The dates of the stay

    Please, for the invitation, contact us before May, 15th.



There are many hotels in the city, corresponding to different price and comfort level. So far, we obtained special offers from two hotels: Panorama and Park Inn.  Keep following us here for additional information about the hotels.

N.B.! The amount of rooms with reduced price in Panorama and Park Inn is limited. The conditions for these rooms are the following: those who want to use this offer should inform us at e.v.alesenko(at) (Elena Alesenko) and icmf14(at) In this letter, please provide the following information:

  1. Full name;
  2. Dates of the stay;
  3. Type of the room;
  4. Special needs (if any, like early or late check-in, arrival time, airport pick-up). Note that to pick you up at the airport we will need your flight details and contact information.

By the 15th of May we are obliged to communicate the list of guests to the hotels (flight details can be communicated also later). Mind also that those who would like to stay in Panorama should pay the reservation with the credit card within 5 days after the booking confirmation.


If you would like to book any other hotel except Park Inn or Panorama you should do it yourself.
More hotel information can be found here.

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