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The 14th International Conference on Magnetic Fluids will be held in Ekaterinburg, Russia, from the 4th to the 8th of July 2016. The first ICMF was held in 1977 in Udine, Italy. It has since been held every three years in locations all over the World. Recent events include: ICMF9, 2001, Germany; ICMF10, 2004, Brazil; ICMF11, 2007, Slovakia; ICMF12, 2010, Japan; and ICMF13, 2013, India.

Our aim for the ICMF14 is to broaden the scope of the conference, to make it more interdisciplinary and more appealing in the field of Soft Matter. Nevertheless, the main subject of the Conference is magnetic fluids, and we would like to pay special attention to the recent progress in magnetic nanoparticle synthesis, development of new magneto-elastic and magneto-composite materials, complex self-assembly in dipolar systems, as well as medical and technological applications. To achieve this, we put together a balanced program, where experimental techniques,  simulation approaches, theoretical methods and applications are be equally represented.

Our First Circular can be found here. Second Circular can be found here.



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